The Challenge

Web design is a constantly changing medium and therefore pretty challenging  from a design standpoint. Many things that I mastered just a few years ago are now replaced with updated programs, and even newer methods that completely replace and outperform the programs I used before. You have to change with the times or you will do your clients a disservice.

The Solution

A year ago I reconsidered what kinds of websites would serve my clients best and I saw that most of them wanted one that they could also make changes to. Others wanted e-commerce or wanted to know that they could add that in the not too distant future and would not have to start all over with a new kind of site. I did lots of online courses and decided that the WordPress platform gave me more possibilities that the Dreamweaver sites did not. I still do Deramweaver sites, but as time goes on and the additional functionality is being built into elegant themes on the wordpress platform, I am recommending them more and more. Here are some of the reasons why:

Responsive Design (RWD)
Responsive Web Design is the formatting of website design in a way that it most optimal for viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablet devices.

A responsive theme enables the page to employ different CSS3 style rules in addition to fluid grids and flexible images, so that the site automatically adjusts itself for a variety of mobile devices and their screens. With the increased use of phone and tablets I would strongly discourage anyone from creating a site that is not responsive.

Website Hosting
I offer my clients a hosting package with HostGator, a premium hosting company with a strong track record in the industry. I f a client has an existing hosting account with another host, I can honor that when recreating their site, but strongly urge them to switch when their contract expires. Most likely they will save money as well. I charge $72/year for hosting most sites and $100’/;year for sites with a shopping cart. Not only is it less of a headache for me to deal with multiple hosting companies if an issue arises, but there are a number of features that will not work well or may not work at all with some hosting companies.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content is the most important ingredient to get higher in results. Use clear, human-readable writing.And NEW content is what Google likes to see so post to your blog often and add new content to your pages regularly. This has become much more important that writing meta keywords and descriptions.
Make each page on the site useful and informative.
Content Management System
Once a site is built on a WordPress platform, my clients can log into an administration backend and add new content if they wish. We are moth administrators and they can do as much or as little in the ongoing site updates as they like, I also have “my two Daves” forĀ  technical help and general updating. For 30 years I’ve been a “one man shop” and it’s really nice to share the responsibility now that I have found these two great partners that are an email or a phone call away.
Domain Registration
It is recommended that you always own your domain name. Don’t let a web designer do this for you. I recommend GoDaddy, since they are cheaper than most other hosts. Always ask first if they have any special offers on domain registration. Don’t lose your domain name accidentally and do NOT pay any bill that arrives in your mail or email from companies that you don’t recognize. There are many scams out there. Click here for a special rate at GoDaddy.
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