In December 2015 I met two very interesting doctors. I had just moved to South Carolina from Philly and had to find all new MD’s. I made an appt. with a gynecologist and had my semi annual bone density tests done. My results were far better than they were both 2 and 4 years previously so I was elated, yet this “traditional” doctor still wanted me to take one of those bisphosphonate drugs (Boniva, Prolia, Fosamax, etc.) and I decided then and there I needed to find another doctor. I was NOT going to go that route. A good friend told me about Dr. Moshe Dekel and I read about him on his website and made an appointment. Dr. Dekel was an Ob-Gyn in Long Island for many years and closed his successful practice to reopen and now assesses both men and women to achieve better health using functional medicine, bio identical hormones, nutritional counseling and nutritional supplementation. You can read more about Dr.Dekel here.

I met Dr. Rob Rhodin 2 days before my appt. with Dekel. What were the odds of meeting two MD’s in the little town of Beaufort who both had stellar careers in traditional medicine and are now both actively involved in an alternative, more holistic treatment?? Dr. Rhodin is an orthopedic surgeon who several years ago learned about meridian assessment. He studied with several experts in the field and developed an intuitive sense for it. This knowledge helped him greatly with his own health issues and he now generously shares his knowledge with others who are interested. He has been assessing my meridians as well as directing my diet and prescribing specific exercises best suited to me personally because of my osteoporosis and prior back and knee surgeries.

At the time I had my appointment with Dr. Dekel I was talking about 12 different supplements (including Protandim). I brought them all along and Dr. Dekel tested each one individually while I held them within my energy field and I wrote down which ones made me stronger, which were not effective and which actually made my body weaker. Two days later, I had Dr. Rhodin test me again for all 12 supplements. The results were IDENTICAL on every one!! This was proof to me that there really is validity to this method. My visit with Dr. Dekel cost me about $440…$250 for the initial consultation and the rest for supplements that he prescribed and gave to me. For the past year I have continued to be tested periodically with Dr. Rhodin at no cost except for the occasional supplement I may need, which changes from time to time. They are generally $20-$30/bottle and I have purchased about 8-12 bottles in the entire past year…and I have a lot left in some of them. Some of the supplements I need are things I have in my kitchen pantry…flax seeds, nutritional yeast, walnuts, pecans, whole milk Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries…oh–and let me not forget spinach and kale!!!

I am happy to share both of these awesome doctors with you. You can contact Dr. Dekel through his website or you can contact Dr. Rhodin by email here. If you are interested in learning more you can look up biofields on the internet.

Currently, Dr. Rhodin is doing meridian assessment and nutritional counseling FREE to my friends. He is truly the kind of doctor this world needs more of–highly spiritual and interested in helping everyone on this planet reach their true potential. I intend to do a website for him soon and at some point he will have to charge for his time, but for now you can get started on a better way to live with just a phone call and your own personal conviction. There..I’ve done my good deed for the day!