Why HIre Me?

I am passionate about advertising and especially love working for small boutique owners. I have a real desire to help you all succeed in this increasingly difficult economy. I LOVE what I do and tell people that I would do this for free if only I didn’t have to pay for my monthly Adobe subscription. the computer repairs and updates, Oh–and the FONTS!! I am always searching for a new great font that will make a logo or a print ad or site really stand out.

Everyone who works in a computer business knows you always have to have a backup! I’ve been working with “my two Daves” for a few years now, and together we are available 24/7 and one or both of them will also be an administrator if I create a website for you. I don’t pretend to know all the answers. In computer work there is never a point when you will know it all. It is ever-changing and I love learning new things every day. It’s part of the reason my job is so much fun! But when I’m stumped, my “Daves” are there to research for me and they LOVE digging deep into technical stuff where I dare not tread. Together we make a great team.

And you are free to contact them directly. That’s right…no middleman fees from me! I trust these guys and HATE to be bothered with any more paperwork and billing than is absolutely necessary.

I’m a classic Type A personality who’s obsessed with design. I cringe at tacky postcards and ugly brochures. I hate to see money wasted on mediocrity. I love getting to know my clients and thrive on the  gratification I get when together we know we have achieved just the right  “feel” for their store. I free-lanced for 20 years as a production artist at major ad agencies in Chicago, but left that behind when my husband took jobs in Chapel Hill, NC and Devon, Pa. Once I was on my own I could do exactly what I wanted! So I focused on small boutiques where I could be a little offbeat and use some of those wacky fonts that really get my juices going (Fontaholics we are called–and we all know who we are!) I’d pick clever store names out of phone books, make cold calls and send samples. It was fun, successful, and best of all I soon realized that I’d found my niche!

Now, 20 years later, I have lasting friendships with clients that I truly treasure and a business that has evolved from print to web design,
blogs and email blasts. I love what I do and hope to do this forever.