Meet Dr. Schroeder

Dr. Schroeder with Dr. Andrew Weil

“Welcome to a unique and powerful system of health.”

William R. Schroeder, D.O. is a Colorado State Licensed, Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist who has adopted the new and effective “Integrative Medicine” model to achieve significantly better clinical outcomes for his patients.

As a 2002 Graduate of the University of Arizona School of Medicine’s Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine under Andrew Weil, MD, he has advanced training beyond the simple medical school and residency training of many physicians.

As a Biologist with a degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado in Boulder (1979) Dr. Schroeder has the training to evaluate the latest cutting edge advancements in medical science. He combines this skill with his unique training as a physician to produce superior medical outcomes for his patients.

As an experienced Osteopathic Physician (1989 D.O. Medical Degree from Des Moines University), Dr. Schroeder employs a very powerful philosophy of medicine: “Vix Medicatrix Naturae” or the “Healing Power of Nature”. This philosophy which delivers results often superior to standard Western Medicine. Dr. Schroeder addresses multiple musculoskeletal complaints with “Osteopathic Manipulative Therapies” .(Osteopathic Medicine was the father of Chiropractic Care. )

As a recipient of The Helen Stone Robinson Fellowship at the famed AMC Cancer Research Hospital in Lakewood Colorado (1980) Dr. Schroeder has advanced understanding of Clinical Research Studies into cancer and other devastating diseases.

As a published Molecular Biologist and basic science researcher at the Webb-Waring Lung Institute and Department of Immunology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (1981-1984) Dr. Schroeder has advanced knowledge concerning the scientific basis of frontline medical advances. This allows him to deliver superior care based on emerging science into the basic underlying mechanisms of disease.

As an Intern at Botsford General Hospital (1989-1990), Resident at Henry Ford Hospital (1990-1991), Spokane Internal Medicine (1991-1993), Fellowship at University of Arizona School of Medicine (2000-2002) and as a Practicing Physician with 20 years of experience, Dr. Schroeder can deliver the best of three different major disciplines of medicine: Allopathic (MD) medicine, Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and Integrative Medicine.

As a caring physician, Dr. Schroeder recognizes the importance of both careful listening and extensive teaching. He focuses extensively on prevention and optimization of the basic healing systems of the body. The latest disease screening technologies are consistently recommended with a focus not simply on detection but advanced methods of prevention.

As an open-minded scientist and physician, Dr. Schroeder will not exclude effective treatments because they are not currently accepted by mainstream medicine, or not the products of pharmaceutical companies, or are not FDA “approved” treatments. He will not surrender the health of his patients to the “system” simply because it is easier and more profitable to do so.

As a caring human being, Doctor Schroeder accepts and honors his combined roles as “healer,” Doctor (teacher), Physician (one with knowledge of the intricate processes of the human body in health and disease), Preventive Medicine Specialist and advanced doctor using “Integrative Medicine.”

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